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Time For An Oil Change!!!

So it’s been 3,000 miles and your car is ready for an oil change.  You drive to the shop, get your oil changed, and drive back home.  Pretty simple, right?  Let me ask you this….can you tell any difference in how the car drives on the way TO the oil change versus how the car drives FROM the oil change?  Probably not!  This might lead you to believe that the car did not need an oil change.  After all, you can’t feel any difference from before to after the oil change.  However, we all know what will eventually happen to the car if you don’t get your oil changed on regular basis.  The engine will explode!

The same is true with Chiropractic adjustments!  Some people say, “Doc, I don’t feel any different after the adjustment.”  To which I reply, “Great, see you next week!”  You see, it’s just like the oil change, even though you may not feel any different after a particular adjustment, if you ignore the health of your nervous system and don’t get your spine checked on a regular basis, your nervous system will break down on you which will lead to poor function!  So whether you feel it or not, your body, just like the car, is functioning better after EVERY adjustment!  Also, each adjustment is like putting money in the bank.  You’re building up your “nest egg” of health!  Unfortunately, a lot of people take better care of their cars than they do their own bodies.  You can replace car parts and even entire cars.  However, you only have one you, one spine, and one nervous system.  Guard them well and take care of them BEFORE they break down!

So think of every week as your body’s 3,000 mile mark.  That gives me an idea…I’ll give out little stickers for people to put on their windshields to remind them.  Just kidding!

See you every week!

Love and Health,

Dr. Chaz Ebert

Full Potential Chiropractic

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