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Santa’s Top Secret Revealed!

Did you ever wonder just how Santa does it?  I mean, how does he find the energy to take all the Christmas gift requests, take all the pictures with smiling babies, organize all the elves to make all the toys, and finally deliver all the gifts to millions of children throughout the world?  Heck, we sometimes struggle to make it through a 15 minute workout!  So what is Santa’s secret?  We decided to find out!

We formed a team of specially trained ninjas to pull off a Top Secret mission to sneak into the North Pole and find out Santa’s Secret.  The mission was dangerous, but we succeeded!  Using high-tech, hidden cameras, we were able to capture this picture revealing Santa’s secret to Radiant Vitality!

Here is what we found:

[Dr. Jennifer Cretsinger makes special trips to the North Pole to adjust Santa!]

WOW!!! Santa gets adjusted!!!  We discovered that he has for years, and plans to continue receiving regular Chiropractic adjustments to keep him happy and healthy for years to come.  This is why he has so much energy to love all the children and deliver happiness year after year!

Santa was overheard saying, “HO!  HO!  HO!  Everyone should have their spine and nervous system checked by a Chiropractor so they too can experience the optimal health I enjoy!”

I hope you take Santa’s advice!  I also hope that you and your family have a wonderfully blessed and Merry Christmas!!!

Love and Health,

Dr. Chaz

Full Potential Chiropractic

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