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The Key To Success In 2011!!!!

“Successful people do what unsuccessful people won’t!”

Wow, what a powerful statement!  That’s one of those statements that when you read it in a book, you have to pick up the highlighter marker and highlight it.  At least that’s what I did. 

“Only 5% of people are truly successful.  The other 95% are not.”

Another powerful statement, right?!  Absolutely!

But here’s the question….what is SUCCESS?  There are a lot of definitions out there, but there is one that I believe is the best, simplest definition of all.  Are you ready?….

Success can be best defined as peace of mind!

How about that?  So simple, yet so true!  It’s not about how much money you make or what kind of car you drive.  It’s about having the peace of mind that you have a purpose-driven life, that you are doing what you love, that you have wonderful relationships, that you give for the sake of giving, love for the sake of loving, and serve for the sake of serving.  And that you don’t care one bit how big your neighbor’s house is or all the toys that they have, because that never correlates to success as we have defined it above!

One thing successful people do that unsuccessful people don’t do is set goals.  Think of goals as “dreams with deadlines.”  If you don’t make a plan for your life, somebody else will!  So how do we set goals?  With the New Year approaching I want to give you a game plan for setting goals:

1)  Start with WHY!  Why do you want to reach your goals?  What will it do for you life?  Don’t worry about HOW you’re going to reach these goals just yet, that will figure itself out!

2)  WRITE YOUR GOALS DOWN!!!!  (put them in a place where you’ll see your goals EVERYDAY!)

3)  Set quarterly goals.  It’s great to have mid-term and long-term goals, but break them down into quarterly goals so you have regular deadlines.

4)  Set goals in each area of your life (Professional, Physical, Spiritual, Financial, Personal)

5)  Set specific, measurable, attainable, but stretching goals (I want to lose weight = Wrong…too general!  I want to lose 10 lbs and be at 15% body fat by April 1, 2011 = Great!  Specific, measurable, attainable, but stretching, with a deadline)

6)  Have a reward.  Go out and buy the reward NOW.  However, you can’t use it until you reach your goal.  Keep in the box or the plastic.

7)  Get a partner and tell them your goals.  If you don’t reach your goals, you have to give your reward to them (or something of equal value).

8)  Develop a Penalty for not reaching your goal.  This should be a “near-vomit-producing” penalty.  Something you would HATE to do.  (Ex.  Clean the inside of a Port-a-Potty outhouse :()

9)  Take Action!  Do something…anything…just take action.  Have a “Ready, Fire, Aim” approach.  Take action, learn, make corrections, and repeat!

So there you have it.  You have your goals.  You have your carrot.  You have your stick.  And you’re going to take action!

If you set goals and try to achieve them, whatever they may be, you are already a successful person!  I wish you the best of luck!

Love and Health,

Dr. Chaz

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